Love Thy Neighbor Foundation                                                

         **Last month we lost a great young man. A former swimmer, dedicated family man and Redskins and Spurs fan, Aaron Taylor, 36, died in his sleep, leaving behind four girls without either parent. Kate Loper, 14, loves art and dancing. Hannah Kerlin, 12, loves music and animals. Emily Taylor, 10, loves guitar and having friends. Taylor Taylor, 5, is into girly girly items. These four girls need our help as they deal with the loss of their loving father. Please help Love Thy Neighbor raise money for these girls. Any amount, no matter how small, will be appreciated by the Taylor family. To donate, please click the "Donate" button above and log in to your PayPal account.**


Our Mission Statement:

We believe that all people deserve a chance and can benefit from the graciousness of their neighbors. Our Foundation promotes the betterment of our local communities by enriching the lives of children, teens and young adults in the areas of education, the arts, and mental and physical health. We hope that the positive changes we set in motion will grow continuously as more and more people reach out to help their neighbors.

Chairman of the Board:

John J Davis Sr.

Board of Directors:

John J Davis Jr
Michelle A Davis
Susan M Peterson
Justin E Peterson

"Promoting the Betterment of our Local Communities"

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